The main tenant can sublet no more than half of the apartment (half of the number of rooms) to be used by another person without the permission of the landlord, provided that no considerable harm or disturbance is caused by this arrangement to the landlord.

The main tenant must inform the subtenant about the landlord of the apartment and about the conditions of the rental contract. The subtenant must also be registered in the register of occupants. The maintenance company will only open doors for a person registered in the register of occupants in the event of missing or forgotten keys, for example.

When subletting the apartment, the main tenant is responsible for the payment of rent and utility costs (sauna fees, parking space, etc.), the validity of the apartment’s home insurance and for other duties specified in the rental contract. The main tenant is also responsible for ensuring that the subtenant adheres to the general rules and other conditions specified in the rental contract during all situations.

If the main tenant’s rental contract with Auroranlinna ends, the rental contract of the subtenant will terminate at the same time.

If Auroranlinna learns that the resident is involved in unauthorised accommodation activities in the company’s apartment, Auroranlinna shall bear its social responsibility and notify the tax authorities and Kela about such activities so that the resident’s benefits may potentially be re-evaluated.