Washing machines and dishwashers

Dishwashers and washing machines may only be installed in the spaces designated for them. A resident’s own dishwasher or washing machine may only be connected to the water supply and sewage networks by an installation professional. The resident shall be responsible for compensating for any water damage, for example, caused by the installation work, so it is worth establishing what kind of cover and terms your own home insurance has for such damage. A certificate of installation provided by a HVAC installation professional should be retained in case of potential water damage.

All water pipe connections must be pressure resistant. The washing machine tap must always be fitted with a non-return valve (to prevent backflow). A dishwasher must always have a leak protection tray designed specifically for the purpose.

When moving out, residents must always refit any cabinets removed for the installation of a dishwasher.

The water supply and drainage connections to the dishwasher and washing machine must be plugged appropriately after disconnection.