Temporary relinquishment of apartment

The tenant may be granted permission to let their apartment to another person temporarily for a pre-agreed period of time if the tenant is temporarily moving to another municipality or abroad for work, studies or illness or for similar reasons related to moving to another municipality or abroad and when the landlord does not have reasonable grounds to object the letting of the apartment.

Permission for a temporary apartment relinquishment must be applied for in advance from Auroranlinna, using the form Temporary relinquishment of apartment (residence permit application).

You can submit the signed form to Auroranlinna’s customer service either by email as an attachment, or in paper format. The residence permission application must always be signed by all signatories to the rental contract. You must also submit a written explanation stating the grounds for the temporary apartment relinquishment: employment contract, certificate of accepting a study place, proof of receiving treatment for a disease or proof of performing military or civic service, etc., in another municipality. Travel tickets alone are not sufficient proof.

After receiving the application, Auroranlinna will process and approve it, provided that the conditions of temporarily renting out the apartment are fulfilled. The decision of Auroranlinna must also be presented to the temporary tenant.

The temporary tenant must be registered in the register of occupants. The maintenance company will only open doors for a person registered in the register of occupants in the event of missing or forgotten keys, for example.

When temporarily renting out the apartment, the main tenant is responsible for the payment of rent and utility costs (sauna fees, parking space, etc.), the validity of the apartment’s home insurance as well as other duties specified in the rental contract. The main tenant is also responsible for ensuring that the temporary tenant adheres to the general rules and other conditions specified in the rental contract during all situations.