The front door should be double-locked when the apartment is left empty.

No items of value should be stored in the basement, attic, or outdoor storage spaces. Items that are in good condition and susceptible to moisture or cold should not be stored in unheated attic or outdoor storage spaces.

Auroranlinna recommends that security locks are not fitted on the front doors to apartments. Representatives of the owner of the property and the emergency services must always be able to access the apartment in the event of an emergency.

If there is a security lock on the door, and a door or window has to be broken to gain access to the apartment due to a security lock on a door, the resident will be responsible for repair costs. Providing a key to the security lock to the maintenance company is not an adequate countermeasure here, as there would not be time to go and find this key in an emergency situation. Providing a key to the security lock to the maintenance company is only useful for non-urgent maintenance visits.

If a resident needs to order door opening services as they have forgotten their key, they should always call Auroranlinna’s defect notification service on 010 286 6245. A fee in accordance with the current price list will be charged for opening the door. Doors may only be opened for residents listed in the register of occupants.