Moving in


When signing the rental agreement, please agree to pick up the apartment keys with OVV Asuntopalvelut (auroranlinna @

Parking space keys and laundry locks can be picked up from Auroranlinna office. If the tenant wants additional keys to the apartment, Auroranlinna will order them and the tenant pays the costs incurred for ordering them.

Submitting a moving notification to the register of occupants, car parking, sauna reservations, laundry room usage

Parking space reservations, sauna shift reservations, moving notices in the register of occupants, name plate changes and possible inquiries related to laundry are handled by resident services. These services are mainly provided by Lassila & Tikanoja Oyj.

The exceptions to this are for residents of Heikkiläntori 2, where the relevant services are provided by Kirkkonummen Huolto, and those who live on Suomenlinna, where the service provider is The Governing Body of Suomenlinna . Additionally, for some sites, matters regarding the renting of parking spaces are managed by a separate operator.

Electricity contract

The tenant must arrange their own electricity contract for their new apartment.

Broadband internet

A 10 Mbps broadband connection with provider DNA is included in the rent of many apartments. However, the resident is still required to activate the housing association broadband for their own use in accordance with the instructions provided by the operator. If the apartment does not include a broadband connection, or if the resident wishes to use a different provider, they must arrange their own contract with their chosen operator.

Fire alarm

Fire alarms are mandatory in apartments. If the building does not have a centralised fire alarm system, the tenant must provide their own fire alarms and ensure that they are functional, for example by replacing the batteries when needed. There should be at least one fire alarm per 60 square metres.

If the property has a centralised fire alarm system, the resident must check that it works. Any potential defects must be reported immediately via a defect notification.

In addition to fire alarms, we also recommend equipping apartments with a carbon monoxide alarm.

Home insurance

Kiinteistö Oy Auroranlinna requires all tenants to have home insurance. Taking out home insurance is the responsibility of the tenant.

The tenant’s own movable possessions are always their own responsibility, regardless of whether they are in the apartment, the housing association’s storage facilities, or the yard. For example, if the tenant’s own outdoor furniture or bike is damaged by falling snow, the tenant shall be liable for any resulting costs.

When taking out home insurance, it is worth checking carefully what it covers and being wary of having insurance that covers only the bare minimum. Comprehensive home insurance that provides cover if you cannot reside in your apartment for a period and that includes liability insurance is the best option for those living in apartment buildings and terraced houses, as it helps ensure you are prepared for the unexpected. The property’s insurance will not cover residents’ possessions in the event of a water leak or fire, for example, nor will it provide cover if a resident has to move due to a water leak in an upstairs apartment, for example.

Moving notification

Each tenant is responsible for submitting a notification to both the population register and the register of occupants when they move into or out of an apartment. The moving notifications must state the details of all the people moving into or out of the apartment. If you happen to lose your keys or accidentally lock them inside your apartment, you will only be able to use the door opening service if your name is included in the register of occupants.

Inclusion on and extracts from the register of occupants are the responsibility of Lassila & Tikanoja’s Itä-Pasila resident services centre with the exception of apartments at Heikkiläntori 2, whose residents should contact Kirkkonummen Huolto and those living on Suomenlinna, who should contact The Governing Body of Suomenlinna.
If the tenant wants a name change also on the front door of the apartment or on the name board in the stairwell, it should be reported or an online defect notification submitted, in which case the information will go directly to the maintenance company. Any changes of residents during the tenancy should also be reported to the register of occupants.

Population register change notifications can be submitted quickly and easily at This site also shows you which address change notifications are made automatically, through either the Digital and Population Data Services Agency or through Posti.

What to do when a new resident moves in

If a new resident is moving in permanently with a person already resident in the household (a partner or spouse, or a child, for example), a moving notification must be submitted for the new tenant, both to the population register and the register of occupants, in accordance with the instructions in the Moving notification section.

Defect notification

Auroranlinna carries out housing inspections when residents change. Apartments are rented out in the condition they were in at the time of the viewing. Any necessary repairs will be completed before the new resident moves in.

However, if after moving in you notice any defects, please submit a defect notification as soon as possible. More information about submitting a defect notification can be found here.