Water supply and drainage fittings and electrical equipments

The sockets in the bathroom and most of the sockets in the kitchen are earthed. You can only plug earthed devices or those with protective insulation into these sockets. Electrical devices must not be used in wet or outdoor spaces when plugged in to a standard socket in another room or space. For example, electric Christmas lights intended for indoor use, placed on a balcony with the cord running inside, can pose a life-threatening hazard. No bathroom sockets may be used whilst the bath or shower is in use.

Defect notifications must be submitted if any wall or ceiling sockets are broken, or if any of the fitted lighting in the apartment no longer works. Installation of and repairs to electrical devices may only be carried out by an installation engineer authorised by the relevant authorities.

This obligation does not cover lightbulbs or fuses that need replacing; the tenant should either replace these themselves or arrange for them to be replaced at their own expense. The tenant is also responsible for replacing the light in the stove or fridge, if necessary.

Leaking taps or toilets that are constantly running must be reported immediately to the Auroranlinna defect notification number: 010 286 6245. In other cases submit an online defect notification.

Do not rinse food waste, fat, grease or coffee grounds down the kitchen or bathroom drains. Please do not flush sanitary towels, nappies, cat litter or any other items down the toilet. Disposing of such items by flushing them down the toilet quickly leads to blocked drains. The tenant will be invoiced for the cost of unblocking the drain in such instances.

Tenants must clean the floor drain in their bathroom, removing loose hair and dust, for example, on a regular basis. If an unpleasant, drain-type odour occurs in an apartment, the cause may be a dried-out floor drain. A dried-out drain trap can be restored to working order by flushing water into it.

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