Please make sure to keep your balcony clean and tidy. A build-up of snow on balconies can lead to moisture damage, amongst other issues, so please make sure to clear it away as it accumulates.

Damp rugs can lift the paint off the balcony floor. For this reason, rugs that have got wet should be lifted to dry after rain.

Beating the dust from rugs on balconies is prohibited. There is a dedicated space for beating rugs in the property’s grounds.

Balconies are not designed to be used for storage.

As stated in the code of conduct for the property, having an open fire on the balcony is prohibited. The only kind of barbecue permitted for use on a balcony is an electric one. Gas and electric barbecues may be used on terraces and in private yards. You must always take fire safety into account.

Balconies are not suitable places for smoking, as doing so can easily cause a nuisance to your neighbours.