Moving out

Keys, sauna reservations, parking space, register of occupants

All keys handed over to residents must be returned to the landlord at Auroranlinna office (Eevankatu 2) at the end of the tenancy. If there are any keys that are not returned, the tenant shall pay the costs of changing the lock caused by the loss of the key.
Along with the keys to the apartments, any laundry locks, hostess keys and parking space keys must be returned.

Due to the move out, you must also make a notice of move in the register of occupants, as well as possible terminations of sauna shifts and parking spaces. See more information on register of occupants, parking spaces and laundry matters here.

End of tenancy cleaning and emptying of the apartment

The resident must empty and clean the apartment prior to the end of the rental contract. Any storage facility provided with the apartment must also be emptied, and any bikes, skis or other similar equipment the tenant is storing in these facilities must be removed from the common storage areas when the tenant moves out. No furniture, domestic appliances, exercise equipment or other such items may be left at the household waste collection point. Any items that you do not want to take with you should be taken to HSY Sortti Stations or Recycling Points.

When moving out, residents must always refit any cabinets removed for the installation of a dishwasher.

The water supply and drainage connections to the dishwasher and washing machine must be plugged appropriately after disconnection. (in case of any water damage, the tenant is liable to pay any costs incurred by the water damage).

If you have not completely emptied and cleaned the apartment and emptied the storage facility when moving out, the landlord will carry out any necessary work and you will be invoiced for the costs incurred. Instructions on end of tenancy cleaning will be provided when termination of the contract is confirmed.