Subletting the apartment in full and offering as accommodation

Auroranlinna apartments are intended solely as the main residence of the tenant(s). Renting out the apartment (subletting) to another person, even for a short period of time, is strictly prohibited and leads to an immediate termination of the rental contract. Our rental contracts expressly prohibit any and all use of our apartments for financial gain, such as by renting them out through Airbnb.

An exception to the general rule on letting onwards is if a tenant needs to move to another municipality or abroad temporarily for work or study reasons or due to an illness. Permission may be granted for the apartment to be temporarily rented out to someone else for this period by following the notification procedure. See specific information about temporarily renting out the apartment under the section ‘temporary apartment relinquishment’.

If Auroranlinna learns that the resident is involved in unauthorised accommodation activities in the company’s apartment, Auroranlinna shall bear its social responsibility and notify the tax authorities and Kela about such activities so that the resident’s benefits may potentially be re-evaluated.