Defect notifications and door opening requests

All defect notifications should be made using the centralised defect notification service, either online or by phone  to defect notification service number 010 286 6245. Where possible, defect notifications should be made using the online defect notification form. All notifications submitted using the centralised defect notification service are saved in the maintenance system. Notifications will be sent to either the maintenance or property management staff, depending on the response required.

All defects that according to the Division of responsibilities table are the responsibility of the property management service should be reported using the defect notification service, as should any sightings of indoor pests or rats, for example, in the property’s area.

Please report any matters requiring an urgent response, including major water leaks due to a damaged pipe or broken tap or toilet, by phone to the 24/7 defect notification service number 010 286 6245. Use the same number for door opening requests.

Calls to the service line are charged at 8.35 cents/call + 16.69 cents/minute (prices include VAT).