Submit an online defect notification

When you include your email address on the form, you will be informed of what steps are being taken to remedy the defect you reported.

Submit an electronic defect notification here >>
If you can’t find the address of your apartment in the drop-down menu, you can get instructions for submitting a defect notification here.

Below are some examples of the kinds of defect notifications we recommend you make online:

– minor dripping of a tap
– minor running of water in a toilet
– dead lightbulb in a stairwell
– broken kitchen cabinet
– doorbell not working
– problems with a sauna heater
– lift not working
– observations regarding potential pests.

Please add photographs to the online form to support your defect notification, where possible. Photographs make it easier and faster to repair faults and assess the next steps to be taken in the event of pest sightings.

Always remember to click Send once you have completed the form.