Residents must pay their rent every month. The payment due date is always the second day of the month.

Rent can be paid as a bank transfer using the reference number for the month, by e-invoice, or by direct debit. The reference number each tenant is assigned will remain the same throughout the tenancy and should be used when making payments.

You can enter into an e-invoicing agreement through your bank’s online banking service, by selecting Realia Isännöinnin kohteet as the invoice issuer. You can also set up a direct debit agreement through your own bank.

Please always use the reference number given on the statement of fees when paying your rent and utilities charges!

If you are late in making your payments, you will be charged a collection fee of €5/reminder, as well as late payment interest in accordance with the Finnish Interest Act. When necessary, KOY Auroranlinna employs the services of Intrum Justitia Oy’s payment collection office to collect unpaid rent.

Auroranlinna charges late payment interest for delayed payments, set at seven percentage points above the reference interest for each year, as determined by the Bank of Finland.

Enquiries regarding rent payments should be directed to Auroranlinna rent control