Feeding birds

Feeding birds is prohibited in all areas of all Auroranlinna properties. There is one fundamental reason for the ban on feeding birds – the food put out for birds also provides a veritable buffet for rats and other rodents. Rats and other rodents eat seeds that have fallen to the ground and can also climb trees to get at feeders hung from branches, for example. Rats thrive with a plentiful supply of food and good shelter.

Rat problems are a common occurrence in the Helsinki Region. For this reason, the City of Helsinki has prohibited feeding birds in a number of areas around the city. As dealing with rats in and around properties is the responsibility of property owners, feeding birds in Auroranlinna property areas is prohibited for the same reason. This means that you cannot feed birds in the yard, terrace or balcony of your apartment, or in the shared garden or yard area of your building.

We can significantly reduce how attractive the areas we live in are to rats and other rodents if we do not leave food out for birds and keep the area around bins free of loose waste. In order to prevent rat problems, all rubbish in waste collection areas must be collected in closed waste containers.