Laundry facilities

Instructions for use

You can request instructions on the use of the laundry facilities and details of their opening hours by contacting resident support services, which are provided by Lassila & Tikanoja’s resident services point in Itä-Pasila for all sites except those on Suomenlinna and in Kirkkonummi. Contact details can be found on the Managing your affairs page.

Please follow the user instructions for the appliances in the laundry facilities, and the guidance provided by detergent and clothing manufacturers on matters such as the appropriate amount of detergent to use.

Please remember to always leave the laundry facilities clean and tidy.

Drying room or tumble dryer

If your property has a drying room, the dryer in the room is usually available for use between 7am and 10pm. Dryers cannot be used overnight. The drying room is intended primarily for laundry washed in the laundry facilities.

If the drying room is free, we recommend that you also dry laundry you have washed in your apartment in the drying room. Apartments are not designed for drying laundry. Drying particularly large and frequent loads of laundry in an apartment can lead to damp problems – particularly if the ventilation is insufficient. Please collect dry laundry from the drying room as soon as possible to free up the room for the next user.

If the building has a tumble dryer, it can also be used to dry laundry washed at home, as per the guidance provided above. If the laundry facilities are booked but the tumble dryer is free, please contact the resident who has booked the facilities if you wish to use the tumble dryer.