Disruptive smoking

Smoking is prohibited at the stairwells, lifts and other shared spaces such as property saunas and social rooms. Smoking is also prohibited in children’s play areas and in the yard near the entrances and air intakes of the house and on the shared balconies. Smoke can enter from these places to neighbour apartments, balconies or the stairwell. In addition, there are very few ways in which smoke from a yard or another balcony can be prevented from entering another part of a property.

Our properties will become smoke-free after the complete renovations. At smoke-free buildings, smoking is prohibited in the apartments, on the balconies, on the terraces, and at all common areas of the property, as well as in the outdoor areas. Smoking also means the electronic cigarette. In addition, in leases signed as of 1 February 2019 smoking is prohibited inside the apartments. In lease agreements signed from October 6, 2021, the terms of the contract prohibit smoking inside and outside the apartments.

A resident who suffers from an annoying smoke/smell has the right to report an annoying smoking. Based on the report, the problem will be investigated. Smoke can enter the apartment either from the structures or from outside.

Cigarette smoke/smell comes from somewhere in the structure of the apartment, e.g. from the toilet, cooker hood, cabinet, socket, mailbox or any other structure. If necessary, we will try to find out where the annoying smoke comes from and whether anything can be done about it. Make an electronic defect notification for smoke that comes from the structures of the apartment


Cigarette smoke/smell comes from open windows or a balcony door, for example. Auroranlinna very rarely has the possibility to prevent smoke from entering the apartment, for example from the yard or another balcony, as it would probably require changes to the ventilation system or major structural changes throughout the entire property.

If necessary, we can share a bulletin to the apartments as a reminder, asking smokers to pay attention to the neighborhood. Cigarette smoke/smell is surprisingly easily entered to the balconies and apartments of other apartments. Make a report to annoying smoking that comes from outside the apartment via email: asuntopalvelu @