Resident voluntary activities

Auroranlinna supports the residents community-building activities with an annual budget. The purpose is to give opportunities to organize activities and events that increase residents communal spirit and wellbeing.

To start such activities, residents must call up a resident meeting at the buildings club room, where a leader and a deputy person / deputies are elected. The head leader of resident activities draws up an annual action plan and budget. These must be sent for approval at Auroranlinna.

You can get additional instructions for starting resident activities by e-mail at asuntopalvelu @

Resident Action Plan Form (in Finnish)
Budget guidelines for resident activities (in Finnish)

For the resident activities, it is possible to make the club room of the house available to all the residents, if there is one in the housing unit. The head of the residents activity is responsible for the cleanliness and usage of the club room. Abuse of the club room will result in the closure of the club room.

Resident voluntary activity is an independent activity of the house’s residents, in which Auroranlinna does not participate. No fees are paid for these meetings or participation.