Parking spaces

Designated parking space

You can enquire about the availability of a designated parking space for your car by contacting the customer service staff of the company responsible for parking space rental services at your site. If your household has more than one car but just one parking space, the second car may not be parked in the neighbouring space or in the yard area.

The cover of the heating post at parking spaces equipped with a heating post must always be kept closed and locked. Cables must not be left dangling from the post.

Not all heating posts offer sufficient power for heating the inside of the car. You should establish whether the power is sufficient to use the car’s internal heater when renting the parking space.

The traditional sockets found in car heating posts is not allowed for charging electric cars.

Parking space terms and conditions

Other parking on the premises

Unauthorised parking of a vehicle on emergency access routes, in yard areas, on roads, or in a parking space that is not yours is prohibited. Guests are advised to park in the guest spaces or in spaces provided on the roadside or intended for public use. Guest parking spaces are separately indicated. For households with multiple cars, the additional car(s) should be parked in parking spaces along the road or in those intended for public use – not in guest parking spaces.

Parking that violates the regulations stated on signs in the yard is an offence and will be reported to the parking wardens or the police. The notification is submitted by the maintenance staff. The parking warden service also carries out random checks of parking in the yard.

Incorrectly parked cars disrupt emergency services vehicles, waste collection vehicles, and in the winter time vehicles providing snow clearance and sanding of routes in yards, to name just a few examples. If you notice an incorrectly parked vehicle, you can submit a defect notification. We recommend that you take a photo of the vehicle in question and attach it to your electronic defect notification.

Storing scrap vehicles in yards and parking areas is prohibited. The registered keeper of the vehicle shall be responsible for any removal costs. Maintenance staff monitor the parking situation.

Driving motorised vehicles along routes and paths in the yard area and intended only for light traffic (e.g. pedestrians and cyclists) is strictly prohibited, with the exception of necessary emergency and maintenance traffic that will only be in the area for a short period.

The cover of the heating post at parking spaces equipped with a heating post must always be kept closed and locked. It’s forbidden for the safety reasons to leave cables dangling from the post.