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Moving in

Services for residents

For those who rent their condominiums directly from Kiinteistö Oy Auroranlinna, condominium keys are collected from the company office (the rental contract must be presented when collecting keys) and returned there as well. Additional keys can be ordered by sending an email to or by calling the customer service 020 7199 670 (the call charge is 8.4 cents/min).

The key service for sublet apartments is provided by the landlord stated in the rental contract.

If you would like to request additional keys, you will be required to pay for any associated costs.

Parking space reservations and collecting parking space keys, sauna reservations, submitting moving notifications to the housing association, collecting keys to additional facilities (if the housing association has any) and any matters relating to shared laundry rooms, such as collecting the key for the reservation lock, are managed by resident support services. Usually, this means the company’s property management office or property maintenance company.

Broadband internet and electricity contract

The tenant must arrange their own electricity contract and contact the operator of their choice to open/change the broadband connection. The housing association may offer a broadband for your apartment. For more information on this, please contact the property management office.

Fire alarm

Fire alarms are mandatory in apartments. There should be at least one fire alarm per 60 square metres.

The tenant must provide their own fire alarms and ensure that they are functional, for example by replacing the batteries when needed. The tenants should regularly check that the batteries work. One good way to remember to check/change batteries is to do it every year on the 112 Day on 11 February.

In addition to fire alarms, we also recommend equipping apartments with a carbon monoxide alarm. Carbon monoxide is an odourless, tasteless, colourless, and poisonous gas that we, as humans, cannot detect. As carbon monoxide is only slightly lighter than air, special care should be taken over the positioning of the alarm, because carbon monoxide will not necessarily rise straight to the ceiling. A carbon monoxide detector is not a sufficient replacement for a fire alarm, but it is a worthwhile addition to improve safety in the home.

Home insurance

Kiinteistö Oy Auroranlinna recommends that all tenants take out a home insurance. Taking out home insurance is the responsibility of the tenant.

The tenant’s own movable possessions are always their own responsibility, regardless of whether they are in the apartment, the housing association’s storage facilities, or the yard. For example, if the tenant’s own outdoor furniture or bike is damaged by falling snow, the tenant shall be liable for any resulting costs.

When taking out home insurance, it is worth checking carefully what it covers and being wary of having insurance that covers only the bare minimum. Comprehensive home insurance that provides cover if you cannot reside in your apartment for a period and that includes liability insurance is the best option for those living in apartment buildings and terraced houses, as it helps ensure that you are prepared for the unexpected. The property’s insurance will not cover residents’ possessions in the event of a water leak or fire, for example, nor will it provide cover if a resident has to move due to a water leak in an upstairs apartment.

Moving notification

Each tenant is responsible for submitting a notification to both the population register and the register of occupants, if the housing association has one, when they move into or out of an apartment. The moving notifications must state the details of all the people moving into or out of the apartment. In addition, a separate moving notification must be submitted, if there are any changes to the tenants whilst the apartment is occupied. If you happen to lose your keys or accidentally lock them inside your apartment, you will only be able to use the door opening service if your name is included in the moving notification as a tenant of the apartment.

Moving notifications can be submitted quickly and easily to the population register via the shared online form of the Digital and Population Data Services Agency and Posti. For more information, see


Kiinteistö Oy Auroranlinna carries out housing inspections when residents change, except when it comes to mutual exchanges of apartments. If any need for repairs in the apartment is detected in the inspection, they will be completed before the new resident moves in, unless otherwise agreed on. If after moving in you notice any defects, please submit a defect notification to the landlord as soon as possible.