Payment of rent

Auroranlinna rent control

Tel. 010 228 7109 or 010 228 7107
Calls to the service line are charged at the rate of the mobile phone fee/local call fee.

Email vuokravalvonta @

The rent control customer service department is open on weekdays Mon–Thu 9am–3pm and Fri 9am–2pm.
In June, July and August we close at 2pm.

In October 2023, Auroranlinna will start to use Intrum’s reminder services as a part of the management of payment receivables.

The cooperation with Intrum in the future applies to overdue receivables, such as debt capital, interest or costs related to reminders and collection.

If you receive a reminder letter from Intrum, please pay the invoice using the payment information in the letter by the due date. You can also pay the bill on the Intrum website in the Oma Intrum service, which is open around the clock. For this, you need the bank IDs and the case number shown in the letter. In Oma Intrum service you can pay your debt, propose a payment plan or send a message to Intrum’s customer service.

If you are unable to pay the invoice by the due date, please contact Intrum immediately. You can also call Intrum’s switchboard at 09 229 111, where you will be directed to customer service.
On the website you can get help, advice and tips for managing your personal finances.