Pääskylänrinne 5

Location of the site on a map
Area Western area / Sörnäinen
Building type Terrace house
Year of completion 1913
Renovation 1989
Apartments 22
Residential buildings 1
Floors 2
Stairwells 4
Shared sauna In stairwell A, reservations
Laundry facilities In stairwell A, enquiries
Drying room In stairwell A
Social room
Civil defence shelter
Storage space In the attic of stairwells A, B, C and D
Pram/pushchair storage In a separate building in the yard
Outdoor sport equipment storage In a separate building in the yard
Parking facilities No parking spaces
Water Included in the rent
TV DNA (cable)
Internet DNA 10 M broadband included in the rent
Property maintenance Sol Kiinteistöpalvelut Oy
Cleaning Lassila & Tikanoja Oy
Garden area maintenance Vihertaiturit Ky
Property manager Marjut Vastamäki
Technical manager Tanja Malinen
Rescue plan Site-specific rescue plan