Heikkiläntori 2

Location of the site on a map
Area Kirkkonummi
Building type Apartment building
Year of completion 1979
Apartments 24
Residential buildings 3
Floors 3
Stairwells 5
Shared sauna In buildings C and DE, reservations
Laundry facilities In building DE, enquiries
Drying room
Social room
Civil defence shelter
Storage space In every building
Pram/pushchair storage In buildings AB and DE
Outdoor sport equipment storage In a facility in the yard
Parking facilities Enquiries and reservations
Water Included in the rent
TV Maxisat
Internet No common broadband
Property maintenance Kirkkonummen Huolto Oy
Ganden area maintenance
Property manager Susanna Nieminen
Technical manager Ari Aho
Rescue plan Site-specific rescue plan