Managing your affairs

Defect notifications can be submitted either online using the defect notification form, or by phone to Auroranlinna’s 24-hour defect notification service. Door opening requests should always be made via Auroranlinna’s 24-hour defect notification service.

In all residential matters, those renting their apartment directly from Auroranlinna deal directly with KOY Auroranlinna or the companies providing its building management support services. These support services are provided primarily by Lassila & Tikanoja Oyj. The necessary contact details can be found by clicking on the headings on the side menu.

If the rental contract for the apartment was concluded with a division or enterprise of the City of Helsinki, in matters relating to the rental contract, payment of rent, and keys for the apartment, please contact the landlord stated on the rental contract. In all other matters, please follow the guidance for those who rent their apartments directly from Auroranlinna.