Apartments available for general applications

Auroranlinna offers its apartments for rent as privately financed rental apartments.
Available apartments can be found on OVV Asuntopalvelut website.

All the apartments to own applications

Add all the apartments you are interested in to their own applications. You can find more detailed instructions for making an application at OVV’s website (direct link above or) under “For rent” and then choose location “Helsinki Auroranlinna”. On the left side of the page is button “Submit application”. Fill in the requested information and submit the application.

Currently, in addition to the site mentioned above, some of Auroranlinna’s rental apartments can also be found on:
Vuokraturva’s website

Short-term leases for temporary housing

Will your home have plumbing repairs or are you looking for a short-term rental apartment for some other reason? Auroranlinna has available apartments in property undergoing demolition due to a plan change 2024:

Pitäjänmäki, Meijeritie 8: two-room and three-room apartments, 58 – 74 m2

Lease agreements for this location are concluded as lease agreements valid for an indefinite period. You can find these rental apartments at Vuokraovi or Oikotie (see links at the top of the page).

Apartments in good locations

The rental apartments are located in properties wholly owned by Auroranlinna and in several hundred housing corporations in good locations in different parts of Helsinki. In addition, one rental apartment property can also be found in Kirkkonummi.

As a rule, rental apartments are rented with lease agreements that are valid for an indefinite period and there is no rental deposit in them. Pets are also welcome in Auroranlinna apartments.

Many of Auroranlinna’s properties around Helsinki also have business spaces for rent, which you can get more information from the entity responsible for entering into lease agreements, Kiinteistömaailma Oy, tel. (09) 350 7270.

Auroranlinna is part of the Helsinki city group and a responsible landlord whose operations are guided by the values of the city of Helsinki. The company follows the ethical principles and responsibility programs of the city of Helsinki, as well as the strategies defined for housing and property management and their goals, where applicable.

Auroranlinna rents apartments both to the City of Helsinki’s Tilat apartment unit for employee housing and to other people who need an apartment in the Helsinki area. The company invests in being able to respond in the best possible way to the individual housing-related needs of different target groups and family sizes.
More information about company housing you can find here.