Apartments available for general applications

Auroranlinna offers some of its apartments for rent itself as privately financed rental apartments. The City of Helsinki makes choices of residents for these apartments. Some of available apartments of Auroranlinna can be found on the service and at . Add all the apartments you are interested in to the same application. You can find more detailed instructions for making an application at . NOTE! It might be possible to add to the application apartments which are not on Oikotie or Vuokraovi yet.


Pihkatie 6 near the Malminkartano railway station.
The entire renevation has been completed. Some apartments are still free, choose yours! 

The apartments in property have completely renovated and have modern kitchens and bathrooms.
Note! The properties and apartments are smoke-free.

You can check out the apartments via the link below, eg. use search Pihkatie 6 or by contacting Tero Laurila from Kiinteistömaailma, or p. 0400 600 359.

Details of some currently available apartments owned by Auroranlinna can be found in Oikotie. You can regognize Auroranlinna’s apartments from the picture “Tämän kohteen omistaa KOY Auroranlinna” or logo of Helsinki.